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Medina EC offers free, customized presentations for all ages and occasions to meet your needs. You can choose one of the types of presentations below or we can combine aspects of several of the programs. Presentations can last 15 minutes and longer, depending on the time available. Request for presentations need to be made at least a month in advance; if they are made with less advance notice than that, Medina cannot guarantee that we will be able to arrange staff to attend.


Energy Efficiency Programs

We can customize an energy efficiency program for any age from kindergarten to adults. We will make sure the program we develop for you meets your organizations requests and needs.


Industry Programs

These programs take a hands-on approach. We allow participants to see and touch the equipment our linemen use to stay safe, to climb poles and to perform other functions of their job.


Safety Programs

We have a number of safety programs for all ages. These programs can be scheduled through your local office or by calling us at 1-866-MEC-ELEC(632-3532). Please keep in mind scheduling depends on cooperative employee availability, so make sure to arrange these programs with as much advance notice as possible.

We can conduct these programs in conjunction with community-sponsored events and the programs can be done multiple times in a day if needed.

Safe Farm

Age Recommendation: Under 12 years old

This table top demonstration uses a 3-D model of a rural neighborhood/farm to show how to use electricity safely. The table show the effects of contacting voltage (with a visible and audible arc) through several real-world accident scenarios, including tree branches coming into contact with power lines, ladders coming into contact with power lines, flying kites near power lines, downed wires, and the danger of playing around substations.

Live Line Demonstration

Age Recommendation: 4th grade to Adults

This trailer system demonstrates the power of an electrical arc with real equipment. Real tree branches are used to show the powerful arc that occurs when items come in contact with electric lines and the danger that can occur if you make contact with underground lines.

First Responders

Program Participants: Any Community First Responders (paid or volunteer)


Other Programs

Medina EC tries to accommodate for the needs of our communities. If you have a program need that doesn't fit within those listed, please contact us at to discuss arranging an alternative program for your organization or event. 

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