Managing Your Electric Account is Easy!


SmartHub is a great tool to manage your account—from paying your bill, to reporting an outage, tracking use and more. You can easily access details about your electric account by logging in to SmartHub on the web or by utilizng the app for your smartphone!. Search SmartHub in your app store today! 

On January 10, 2024, SmartHub for web is getting a fresh look! The upgrade will improve the layout and functionality of the site; very similar to the functionality of the mobile app. 


View Your Use - Choosing the right meter

You can easily view your use from SmartHub. If your meter has recently been replaced, you may need to select your new meter in the option menu to see your current use. You can find other meters listed with your account by choosing the "gear" symbol on the upper right-hand corner (see circled).

Your old meter will stay connected with your SmartHub so you can see and compare with your use history.

Outage Alerts

To improve how members can receive outage notifications, beginning in February Medina EC will enroll all mobile numbers on eligible accounts to automatically receive those alerts. Members who do not wish to receive these alerts via text will simply need to respond "Stop" to opt-out of these notifications. 

If you do not want to wait until February, you can enroll yourself into notifications through SmartHub

Alerts are only sent if our system registers an outage and when we've identified as the outage to be restored. If we show power to be restored and you are still without power, it is very important that you report your outage again. That helps crews know that you have an individual outage and that the work they did on the other portion of the line feeding your location did not restore your power like they thought it would. 


You can report outages through SmartHub or by calling 1-866-632-3532. To track outages, visit the outage map

Consumer Analytics by Bidgely

Residential members will soon have access to advanced analytics detailing their energy use by appliance. Consumer Analytics is powered by Bidgely, a utility monitoring software to help consumers better engage and understand their energy use. As a result, members will receive tips and tricks for maximizing their energy dollars.