Managing Your Electric Account is Easy!


SmartHub is a great tool to manage your account—from paying your bill, to reporting an outage, tracking use and more. You can easily access details about your electric account by logging in to SmartHub on the web or by utilizng the app for your smartphone!. Search SmartHub in your app store today! 

View Your Use - Choosing the right meter

You can easily view your use from SmartHub. If your meter has recently been replaced, you may need to select your new meter in the option menu to see your current use. You can find other meters listed with your account by choosing the "gear" symbol on the upper right-hand corner (see circled).

Your old meter will stay connected with your SmartHub so you can see and compare with your use history.

Outage Alerts

Members enrolled in SmartHub with a verified mobile number on their account will receive text messages notifying them when their meter is out of power and when power is restored.

Ensure your account is signed up for SmartHub and your Contact Methods have gone through the verificaiton process to receive notifications. 

Consumer Analytics

Residential members will soon have access to advanced analytics detailing their energy use by appliance. As a result, members will gain a deeper understanding of their energy usage, specifically pinpointing which appliances are driving up electric bills and by approximately how much.