Work Locations and Updates


Here is where you can expect to see Medina EC crews and contractors:

  • LineTec/Source Electric/Chain Electric is replacing poles in the these areas: Bigwells, Frio Town, Derby and Freer. 
  • LineTec crews will be upgrading lines in the Natalia area. They will also be in the Castroville area around FM1957/Potranco and surrounding neighborhoods. This is for the rebuild of power lines in the Natalia area.
  • M&S Engineering will be in the Hondo area inspecting equipment through the end of the year to prepare for a future conversion.
  • M&S Engineering will be in the Sabinal area inspecting poles for replacement and future growth.
  • Schneider Engineering will be staking for future pole replacements in the Lopeno and Randado areas. Pole replacements will be done by LineTec. 
  • Contractors with Osmos are inspecting poles in the Cotulla area. 
  • Chain Electric will be rebuilding existing powerlines in the Devine area along FM 2200 and CR 5710 through March.
  • LineTec will be rebuilding existing lines in the Frio Town area, from FM 57 along FM 140. This work will help the cooperative improve reliability and help meet additional power demands from area growth. This work will occur through May 2024. At this time, there are no planned power outages. 

Planned Power Outages

At this time there are no planned power outages. 



Tree Trimming and Vegetation Management Work:

You can learn more about our vegetation management program and find a map of the 2024 work locations here.

MEC has several 2024 Vegetation Management projects this year. Work consists of trimming trees for line clearance, brush removal, and treating cut brush in fences. Contractors and work areas are listed below:

Projects that have started this year and will continue through 2024:

All Medina EC contractors have letters showing that they are an approved contractor along with the dates of the work. If you see someone suspicious, do not hesitate to ask them for their credentials. You may also call our office at 1-866-632-3532 and our staff will verify contractor locations.

  • D'Hanis South - Cedar Beetle
  • Crystal City - Pannell Co
  • Hondo South - Cedar Beetle
  • Sabinal North - Pannell Co
  • Natalia West - Pannell Co
  • North Batesville - Cedar Beetle

Members with phone numbers and email addresses on file received notifications about this work in January 2024.