We understand that sometimes members may need to use a portable generator to keep power to their house during an outage.

If the proper steps aren't taken to ensure a generator is connected correctly, it could become hazardous and even deadly for our line crews and members. Members interested in having a standby generator installed at their property need to follow the necessary steps to connect to Medina EC's distribution system for the safety of themselves and our crews.

Requirements for Non-Commercial Emergency/Standby Generation




Medina EC is offering members 22 kW propane generators with installation. These Generac generators are available for $12,000*; additional costs may apply for unique installations. If you’re interested in more information or to be put on the waiting list as units are available for installation, email

*Price as of 4/7/2022. Please note, the price listed in the April issue of Texas Co-op Power was $10,000. After the magazine went to print, there was a price increase from Generac.

Members with a 200 Amp or smaller service that want the convenience of operating a standby generator without installing transfer switches, subpanels, and rewiring work may want to have a GenerLink device. GenerLink is installed behind your meter by Medina EC crews and is billed monthly on your electric bill.

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