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  1. Purpose

To establish a written policy regarding the protection of members’ confidential information.


  1. Policy Content

Medina Electric Cooperative, Inc. (MEC), believes that protecting confidential member information is an integral part of the service the Cooperative provides. This privacy policy describes how confidential information is handled.


  1. Provisions
    1. MEC defines confidential information as:
      • Member’s Name
      • Member’s Drivers License Number
      • Member’s Social Security Number
      • Member’s Telephone Numbers
      • Member’s Address
      • Member’s Date of Birth
      • Member’s E-mail Address
      • Member’s Banking/Credit Card Information
      • Other Personal Information (e.g. Gate Combinations)


    1. Confidential information is collected through the account application process and the servicing of member’s account(s). Confidential information is also sometimes collected through other companies, such as credit bureaus.


    1. Confidential information is used for the purpose of personal identity and credit verification at the time of service application, only to identify members for their protection and for future collection purposes. MEC does not sell information to third parties nor provide information to third parties for the purpose of marketing their products.


    1. In order to maintain the security of confidential information, all information in electronic form is stored in password-protected data files within the MEC computerized system. Employee policies and procedures are maintained to protect the confidentiality of information, and technology used (such as network firewalls and anti-virus applications) is intended to protect against unauthorized access by third parties.

MEC will verify a member’s identity by using the Consumer Identification Program outlined in the Identity Theft Prevention Policy.

    1. Only MEC employees are authorized to access information. MEC may provide confidential information to third parties acting on the Cooperative’s behalf. MEC may disclose confidential information as permitted or required by law, to:
      • credit reporting agencies
      • local, state, and federal law enforcement officials acting under appropriate and relevant judicial procedures, for traditional cooperative operational procedures, or in response to requests from regulatory authorities, subpoenas and other legal processes
      • collect any outstanding debt for utility services

Only the name and mailing address of other members may be provided to a requesting member for a Proper Purpose, upon execution of a Non-Disclosure Agreement and pursuant to any other conditions established by the Board of Directors in its sole discretion. “Proper Purpose” means any of the following: (i) a purpose related to matters to be considered and voted on by members or directors during an upcoming scheduled meeting, (ii) investigation of alleged financial irregularities or mismanagement; or (iii) any purpose deemed a Proper Purpose by the Board of Directors.

    1. Documents containing confidential information will be destroyed in accordance with MEC’s Confidential Information Policy.
    2. Failure to comply with this Privacy Policy may result in punitive action against the employee, including suspension or termination. Any violations of this policy by a director shall be brought to the attention of the Board President.


  1. Responsibility

The Board, CEO and senior staff shall be responsible for the overall administration and enforcement of this policy.