Medina EC gives back to communities with donations of employee time, financial contributions and donations of goods. Since one of the cooperative principles is commitment to community, we find it important to stay involved in the communities we are a part of. If you have questions about donations or sponsorships or have an outside of the box giving opportunity, email





South Texas Electric Cooperative Charitable Giving Program

STEC, who provides Medina EC with wholesale power, also focuses on generously giving back to the communities they serve. Your organization may also consider applying for funds through their charitable giving program.


Operation Round Up

Individuals, organizations and families can apply to receive ORU funds by submitting a complete application at


Community Empowerment Program

Grants are awarded to local governments and non-profit groups such as civic organizations, schools, volunteer fire departments, libraries, emergency medical services, museums and historical associations. CEP grants are available upon board approval. Learn more at


"By giving back to our communities, we are supporting our members. We are proud to not only provide power to our members, but also to empower our communities to grow."

Trey Grebe, CEO