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As spring approaches and plans for outdoor projects take shape, Medina Electric Cooperative urges all members to prioritize safety when digging near underground utility lines.

Every year, countless homeowners inadvertently disrupt electric, gas, water, and other utility lines buried below the ground while working on their outdoor projects. Not only can this pose serious safety risks, but it can also lead to service interruptions, injuries, and costly repairs.

To prevent accidents and protect our community, Medina EC encourages anyone planning a digging project to call 811 at least three business days before breaking ground. Alternatively, requests can be submitted online by visiting

Here's how the process works:

Notification: After contacting 811 or submitting a request online, all affected utilities will be promptly notified of your intent to dig.

Marking of Lines: Utilities will send representatives to mark the buried lines with paint or flags, typically within a few days of the request. It is crucial to confirm that all utilities have responded before proceeding with your project.

Confirmation: If the request was made by phone, follow the instructions provided by the 811 call center representative. If the request was submitted online, refer to the 811 center ticket to ensure all necessary steps have been completed.

Medina EC emphasizes the importance of calling 811 before starting any digging project and urges everyone to "know what's below" to ensure a safe and successful outdoor experience this spring. By taking this important step before breaking ground, homeowners can safeguard themselves and their community from potential hazards. Remember, disrupting an underground utility line not only risks injury and service interruption but can also result in significant repair costs.

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