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PrePaid Electricity

Interested in paying for electricity as you use it? PrePaid Electricity may be a great option for you!


The Basics:

You make an initial payment towards your account. Each day, we calculate the cost of the electricity you used and subtract it from your account balance. Once your balance reaches $25, you get call, text and/or email reminders to make a payment (depending on your account preferences). When you make a payment, it is added to your balance. Your account will be disconnected when your balance is zero. If your account is disconnected, a payment of $75 plus the amount of your current bill is due to get your power reconnected. The $75 payment goes towards the balance in your account. So, if you have a $8 balance at the time you are disconnected, you will need to make a payment of $83 ($75+$8) for power to be reconnected.


No Deposit Needed

With PrePaid, you are paying for electricity as you use it so deposits aren't necessary. An initial payment is due to start your account, but it is put towards electricity you use over the next few weeks. With standard electric accounts, deposits are required since you are paying for electricity AFTER you use it.



Apply online to move your account to the PrePaid program.


Setting Up Your Account Preferences

You will need to register your account with SmartHub to make payments and manage alerts. Login there to set up preferences. Be sure all your phone numbers and emails are entered under Manage Contact Information, found on the Notifications tab. When you sign up for PrePaid, Medina EC will set it up so that you get a phone call if the balance drops below $25. If you would like to get text or email alerts, you will need to set those up.  

  • From your computer, sign in to SmartHub. From the Notifications tab, choose Manage Notifications. Select the arrow next to Billing to expand the menu. Set preferences with Alert Types: Prepaid.
  • From the app: Under Settings (little gears), choose Notifications. Go to Manage Notifications and scroll down until you see options for Prepaid. Make any changes you want.
  • Keep in mind that dollar amounts are based on credits, so they show as negatives. If you want to be notified when you have $30 left in your account, you will want to enter -30.00.


Making a Payment

If your PrePaid account needs a payment made on it, here are your best options:

- SmartHub: Login on our website or from your app (available for Apple and Android devices). Select the amount you would like to add to your account and your payment method and hit submit. The funds will be added to your account, and if your power had been disconnected it should be immediately restored.

- Phone: Use our automated system to add money to your account through a credit card payment or check by calling 1-866-MEC-ELEC (632-3532). Again, funds will be added to your account, and if your power had been disconnected it should be immediately restored. Please Note: For credit card payments, you must use the automated attendant. Our representatives are not permitted to take credit card information over the phone. This is for our members' protection. If you choose to pay with an electronic check, that can be done through the automated attendant or by speaking to a representative.

*Please note: If your PrePaid account has been disconnected, a payment of at least $75 is due in order to get your power back on.



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