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Irrigation Service Rate

Availability: Available to customers with pump motors exceeding 5 horsepower and predominately used for pump irrigation, within the Cooperative’s service area, according to the Cooperative’s rules and regulations. Irrigation being defined as the irrigation of crops or grasses to be sold or consumed by livestock or wildlife. Irrigation does not include the watering of lawns or vegetables for personal consumption, filling of stock tanks or ponds not used as surface storage for irrigation, and other uses other than described above.

Load Management Program: In an effort to reduce power costs, the Cooperative offers reduced horsepower and energy charges to irrigation customers electing to participate in load management for which participants agree to allow total control of their irrigation load during peaking periods. The Cooperative agrees to exercise load control with as little inconvenience to the customer as possible and only when necessary to achieve predetermined cost savings.

Types of Service: Three phase, 60 cycles, at the Cooperative's standard secondary voltages. At the discretion of the Cooperative, single-phase service may be furnished at locations where three-phase service is not available provided the motor capacity is not in excess of 10 horsepower.


Rate:   Load Management Service Non-Load Management Service
Customer Service Charge per connection per month $ 35 $ 35
Monthy Demand Charge per kW $ 2.75 $ 3.25
Energy Charge, per kWh    
     First 200 kWh per billing kW per month $ 0.09326 $ 0.12780
     Next 200 kWh per billing kW per month $ 0.06326 $ 0.07780
     Over 400 kWh per billing kW per month $ 0.05500 $ 0.05500


Consumers re-connecting within a twelve-month period of disconnecting will be responsible for all monthly Customer charges and Demand Charges applicable during the disconnected period.

Determination of Billing Horsepower: The Monthly Billing demand shall be the maximum kilowatt demand established by the member for any consecutive fifteen-minute period adjusted for power factor as described below during the current billing period but not less than the maximum demand established in the previous eleven months, or 5 kW.

Power Cost Adjustment: The foregoing energy charges will be increased or decreased according to the terms of the Power Cost Adjustment Factor Tariff.

Power Factor Adjustment: The customer agrees to maintain unity power factor as nearly as practicable. Demand charges may be adjusted to correct for average power factors lower than 90% lagging and may be so adjusted for other customers if and when the Cooperative deems necessary. Such adjustments will be made by increasing the measured demand to an equivalent demand that would yield a 90% power factor.

Terms of Payment: In the event the current monthly bill is not paid with 16 days from date of bill, said bill will become delinquent and a fee will be applied.

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