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Industrial Rate

Availability: Available to customers with peak demands of 1,000 kW or greater for all commercial and industrial purposes, excluding cotton gins and irrigation, within the cooperative's service area, subject to the cooperative's rules and regulations. No temporary or shared, resale, standy or auxiliary service is permitted.


Type of Service: The type of service is three phase service at the cooperative's standard primary and secondary voltages, where available; and wholesale delivery point level service, where available. Where service of the type desired by the customer is not already available at the point of delivery, additional charges under the cooperative line extension policy may be required prior to service being furnished. If requests for electric service involve unusual circumstances, usage, or load characteristics not regularly encountered by the cooperative, the cooperative shall enter into a special contract with customer subject to the approval of the cooperative's board of directors.



Each billing period the customer shall be obligated to pay the following charges:


Delivery Charges for 1000 kW to 5000 kW:


Wholesale Service

Distribution Primary Service

Distribution Secondary Service

Customer Charge




NCP Demand Charge (per kW)    






Delivery charges for over 5000 kW:


Wholesale Delivery Point Service

Distribution Primary Service

Distribution Secondary Service

Customer Charge




NCP Demand Charge (per kW)


First 5,000 kW, per billing kW




Next 5,000 kW, per billing kW




Next 10,000 kW, per billing kW




Next 10,000 kW, per billing kW




Next 10,000 kW, per billing kW




Next 10,000 kW, per billing kW




Over 50,000 kW, per billing kW







Power Cost: The cost of power to serve the Customer includes, but is not limited to, capacity, delivery, energy and fuel charges for the billing period plus adjustments applied to the current monthly billing to account for differences in actual purchased electricity costs billed in previous periods. The power cost will be calculated using the billing units defined in the same manner as defined in the applicable wholesale rate to the Cooperative including any ratchet provisions in the wholesale rate. The Customer’s billing units for power cost may be adjusted for line losses, as determined by the Cooperative, to calculate the Customer’s power cost at the wholesale supplier’s metering point to the Cooperative.

Unless otherwise specified in the agreement for service, line losses shall be 6.56% for distribution primary service and 9.56% for distribution secondary service. Billing units will be adjusted for line losses by dividing the metered billing units by one minus the line losses. For example, the line loss adjusted billing unit for 1000 kW at distribution primary would be: 1000 kW / (1-0.0656) = 1070.21 kW


Determination of NCP Billing Demand: Notwithstanding anything herein or in any contract with the customer to the contrary, the minimum billing demand provisions set forth in the cooperative's Retail Tariff Section 5 - Customer Relations shall control. Subject to the foregoing, the NCP billing demand will be the highest of the following:

  • 1000 kW
  • The maximum kilowatt demand established by the customer for any period of 15 consecutive minutes during a billing period as indicated or recorded by a demand meter and adjusted for power factor as provided hereafter.
  • 100% of the highest metered demand established in the billing period or the previous 11 billing periods.
  • The amount specified in any contract with the customer.


Power Factor Adjustment: The customer agrees to maintain unity power factor as nearly as practicable. Demand charges may be adjusted to correct for average power factors lower than 97% when the cooperative deems necessary. Such adjustments will be made by increasing the measured demand to an equivalent demand that would yield a 97% power factor.


Billing Adjustments: This rate is subject to billing adjustments except the Power Cost Adjustment Factor (PCA) tariff.


Service at Wholesale Delivery Point or Distribution: The customer must own, operate, and maintain all equipment past the customer's connection point to the wholesale delivery point or to the cooperative's distribution system.


Minimum Monthly Charge: The minimum monthly charge shall be the highest one of the following charges as determined for the customer:

  • The sum of the customer charges and NCP demand charges;
  • The minimum monthly charge specified in the agreement for service.


Minimum Term of Rate Applicability: The minimum term for which this rate shall be applied is 24 months.


Terms of Payment: In the event the current monthly bill is not paid within 16 days from the date of the bill, said bill will become delinquent and a fee will be applied (see Interest Rate and Fee Schedule).

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