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General Service Rate

Availability: Available to non-commercial members for all residential and general service uses within the cooperative's service area, in accordance with the cooperative's rules and regulations.

Type of Service: Single or three phase, 60 cycles, at the Cooperative's standard secondary voltages.

    Customer Service Charge $ 29.00 per meter per month
    Capacity Charge $1.50 per kVA for transformer capacity in excess of 15 KVA
    Energy Charge $ 0.108347 per kWh for all kWh

Power Cost Adjustment: The foregoing energy charges will be increased or decreased according to the terms of the Power Cost Adjustment schedule.

Minimum Monthly Charge: The minimum monthly charge will be the highest one of the following charges as determined for the customer:

  • The Customer Service Charge.
  • The minimum monthly charge specified in the Electric Service Agreement.

Power Cost Adjustment charges are not considered in the minimum bill calculation.

Determination of Installed kVA: The installed kVA will be the sum of the nameplate rating on the transformers provided at the customer's point of delivery. Each transformer will be installed according to standard engineering practices sized to the closest standard size installed by the cooperative which is sufficient to provide the service required. If at the convenience of the cooperative, larger transformers are provided, the required kVA for billing purposes will be the closest standard kVA size which would provide the requested service regardless of the actual size installed.

Terms of Payment: In the event the current monthly bill is not paid within 16 days from date of bill, said bill will become delinquent and a fee will be applied.

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