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Update: Outages in North Uvalde

One of our substations in the Uvalde area (which provides areas of Hwy 83, 2690, etc. with power) had equipment issues on Sunday that caused a power outage. Crews from Medina and from STEC, who owns the substation and provides us with power, worked on the issue and got it fixed that evening. Tuesday afternoon, members who get power from that substation had another power outage.

STEC crews have tested equipment in the substation and have not found any problems, so they believe the issues may be with the transformer itself, which is the heart of a substation and is critical in providing members with power. Because of this, there may be an outage between 3 a.m. and 6 a.m. on Thursday (7/27) for about 300 meters that get their power from this substation. Power could be off up to three hours while STEC crews make some repairs to that transformer.

STEC is also bringing up mobile substation equipment from the valley, and it should arrive in the Uvalde area by Thursday morning. This equipment will allow them to bypass the transformer, so they can determine if there are any additional problems with it, without having to cut off power to members.

We know these outages are frustrating for our members and wanted to give you some behind the scenes information on what we are doing to fix the problem. You can learn more about planned power outages here.

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