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Generation Resource Standby and Auxiliary Service

Application: Applicable to all Generation Resource customers taking the type of service described in this rate schedule. Service will be furnished under this rate schedule subject to the established rules and regulations of the cooperative covering this type of service, including all applicable billing adjustments. All service is supplied at one delivery point and taken through a single meter for auxiliary service to the customer. In this rate schedule, "Generation Resource" refers to facilities that are used for generating electricity, including but not limited to wind, solar, nuclear, hydro, coal and lignite, combined cycle, simple cycle, gas, steam and diesel.

Type of Service: Three phase service at transmission level voltage; Wholesale deliver point service from the cooperative to the customer.

Rate: Each billing period the customer shall be obligated to pay the following charges:

  • Customer Service Charge: $100 per meter
  • NCP Demand Charge: $1.00 per NCP billing kW
    • The non-coincident peak (NCP) billing demand shall be the highest of the following:
      • The maximum kilowatt demand for any period of ERCOT-settlement interval (currently 15 consecutive minutes) during the billing period, as indicated or recorded by a demand meter and adjusted for power factor;
      • The maximum NCP kW established in the previous eleven billing periods; or
      • The amount specified in the Agreement for Electric Service between the customer and the cooperative.
  • Power Supply Charge: An amount equal to the total power supply cost incurred by the cooperative in providing service to the customer.

Minimum Charge: The minimum monthly charge shall be the greater of the amount as set forth in the Agreement for Electric Service referenced in 2(c) of the monthly rate section above, or the customer service charge plus NCP demand charge. Power supply charges do not apply toward fulfilling the minimum monthly charge.

Billing Adjustments: This rate is subject to all applicable billing adjustments, with the exception of the Power Cost Adjustment Factor.

Agreement: An Agreement for Electric Service for a specified term, a specified contract capacity, and required contribution in adi of construction of additional facilities, if applicable, may be required by the cooperative. This rate schedule may be changed by the cooperative's board of directors, and service hereunder is subject to the cooperative's tariff for electric service.

Other Conditions of Service:

  • All wiring, pole lines and other electrical equipment beyond the metering point shall be considered the system of the customer and shall be furnished and maintained by the customer.
  • The cooperative shall not be responsible for the purchase of any power generated by the customer.
  • Customer shall be responsible for all termination fees, penalties, and any other costs incurred by the cooperative associated with the power supply for service to the customer.
  • Customer shall be responsible for all costs incurred by the cooperative in arranging for special wholesale power supply on behalf of the customer.
  • The customer will be subject to all trasmission-related cost responsibility incurred by the cooperative directly associated with providing service to the customer, even if such cost recovery should occur after the customer has terminated service. To the extent that such cost is not included in the monthly rate, customer shall be responsible for the incremental transmission costs.
  • This rate schedule may be changed by order or consent of regulatory authorities having jurisdiction, or by the cooperative's board of directors in accordance with applicable laws.
  • All other conditions of service hereunder are subject to the cooperative's tariff for electric service.
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